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Partial and Complete Dentures in Miami

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Partial and Complete Dentures: Miami Has Options

Are you looking to rejuvenate your smile, but dental implants are simply not an option? Complete and partial dentures can help you regain much of the functionality of your natural teeth as well as restore your appearance and sense of confidence.

CG Smile offers both removable partials and complete dentures for Miami patients looking to improve their smile. Whether you're missing a few or a few set of teeth, we can help. Call to schedule a denture consultation with CG Smile today!

The Benefits of Complete Dentures

Just as their are common complaints about dentures, there are also many things that patients love about their dentures. Here are a few benefits of dentures patients enjoy:

  • Chew food more easily. Chewing (or "mastication") is an underappreciated process. Chewing does two things: breaks up food so it can be passed down the throat and digested more efficiently, and secondly, chewing sends a signal to the stomach to ramp-up stomach acids, further helping with digestion (and weight loss, too).
  • Expanded food options. You no longer have to settle for soft, mushy foods; dentures allow you to expand your foods options and dive into foods that you may have not enjoyed for years.
  • Improved facial appearance. Complete dentures help to fill out the face and especially the smile. You will also be more socially confident in knowing that you won't be judged for having a toothless smile.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a form of removable dental prosthesis. Partial dentures are suitable for patients that have several missing teeth, but are not quite ready for a full set of dentures. The main benefits of partial dentures is that they help restore your smile and prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of place. Plus, removable partial dentures are tinted to match the surrounding teeth, so most will never suspect you are wearing a dental prosthesis.

Are there drawbacks? Sure. Compared to the teeth you were born with, there are cons to every type of dental prosthesis. The most common gripes are poor fit, discomfort, and a tendency for the gum-colored material to yellow over time. The team at CG Smile will help you avoid these common complaints by delivering personalized, attentive service.

Overcoming Common Denture Complaints

Even in the 2020s (when dental implants are becoming more common), dentures are still a popular option for replacing missing teeth. that’s not to say that dentures are free of complaints. Here are some of the most common obstacles patients cross with their dentures:

  • The size. With dentures, not a day will go by that you don't at least notice them in your mouth. Since dentures are placed over the gums, they reduce tongue movement by a few millimeters, which can feel awkward. In time, you will adjust to this added girth, but your first reaction may be, “Did I get someone else’s dentures?”
  • Increased saliva flow. The mouth has a wonderful ability to increase saliva when a foreign object is present in the mouth. It's a mechanism that helps to break down food and wash away bacteria. If you have full dentures placed, you can expect to experience increased saliva flow.
  • Gum tenderness. While some gum tenderness can be expected from time to time, if you notice that your gums are causing increasing sensitivity or pain, you should schedule a checkup with your dentist. Dentures that cause discomfort are usually poor-fitting dentures. This can occur over time due to the jawbone shrinking.
  • Altered taste. Technically, dentures should not affect the taste buds since they only cover the roof of the mouth and portions of the gums. Yet, some patients claim their dentures cause their food to taste differently or completely tasteless. You might notice a slight plastic taste when you first receive your dentures, but this should subside within a week or two of continued use.

Deciding Between Dentures and Implants

Since dental implants carry most of the benefits of dentures (and few of the negative attributes), there are usually only two reasons a patient would choose dentures over implants: the price or lack of jawbone structure to support implants. If you are debating between dentures or implant overdentures, the staff of CG Smile would be happy to evaluate your oral health and make recommendations.

For a consultation on full or partial dentures, call CG Smile today!

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