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We Replace Missing Teeth in Miami

Do you have missing teeth? CG Smile is here to help with treatments including implants, bridges, and dentures for Miami patients.

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We Replace Missing Teeth in Miami

70% of adults in the United States will lose at least one tooth by the time they reach 44 years of age. By the time they reach their 60s and 70s, over a quarter of Americans will have lost all of their natural teeth. The good news is that if you are missing one or more of your permanent teeth, you have options.

I've Lost a Tooth, What are My Options?

If you've lost one or more teeth, there are several options that are worthy of consideration. These include dental implants, bridges, as well as full and partial dentures. Read on to learn more about these teeth replacement options.

  • Dental implants. Dental implants are becoming an increasingly common way to replace a single tooth and even multiple teeth. Dental implants can either be implanted directly into the jawbone or -- if the jawbone cannot support an implant -- implanted into the gums. Dental implants provide the kinds of stability and reliability that natural teeth have. Dental implants can support a single dental crown or even a full-arch implant over-denture.
  • Dental bridges. A dental bridge is an affordable option in replacing a single tooth or two contiguous teeth. Two neighboring are used as anchors for a prosthetic tooth to replace a missing tooth (or teeth).
  • Partial dentures. Partial dentures are often used to replace several missing teeth in an arch. Partial dentures are removable, which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Complete dentures. Today's dentures benefit from advanced fabrication methods and material improvements. This means that modern dentures are more comfortable and realistic while also coming with an attractive price-point.

What Causes Missing Teeth?

If you are curious about what causes missing teeth, the data shows that hockey and other high-impact sports aren't to blame. Here's a rundown of the most common causes of tooth loss:

  • Periodontal disease. The leading cause of tooth loss (edentulism) is periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease. Gum disease causes the fibrous connections between the teeth, gums, and jawbones to become loose and infected. As the disease progresses, tooth loss becomes more likely.
  • Tooth decay. Most forms of tooth decay can be halted with a filling or root canal therapy. In severe cases of tooth decay, a tooth may need to be extracted.
  • Dental trauma. Usually dental trauma (even when a tooth gets knocked out), doesn't immediately mean that the tooth cannot be saved. But, timing is of the essence. If you have a fractured tooth or a tooth that has been knocked out, contact a dentist immediately.
  • Bruxism (grinding of teeth). Bruxism is a movement disorder that involves the grinding, gnashing, and/or clenching of teeth during sleep. While bruxism doesn’t directly cause tooth loss, it can lead to bite collapse (VDO) and the wearing away of enamel, which can contribute to tooth loss. To treat this condition, those with bruxism can wear a custom nightguard to protect the teeth while sleep.

Something Missing from Your Smile?

Missing a tooth or several teeth doesn’t have to spell the end of a beautiful smile. CG Smile offers a variety of treatments options for patients missing teeth in Miami. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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